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Water damage can be devastating to your home and business. A quick and proper drying procedure is essential in even the most minor cases of water damage.

If left untreated or handled improperly, water damage can lead to mold growth and even structural damage. Many times, depending on the source of water and the length of time, the home or business can be dried out and restored without performing any demolition. In other cases, though, flooring, wall boards, and sometimes structural components are damaged and require further restoration.

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Reverting to Pre-Loss Condition

We use state-of-the-art equipment in conjunction with daily moisture mapping to monitor the drying process. This enables us to move and remove equipment as the structure dries out, saving you time and money.

As part of our standard operating procedures, we document the project from start to finish. Our goal is to bring the building back to a pre-loss condition.

In water mitigation, this can be referred to as the dry standard. This means that the building materials have released the excess moisture as a result of our drying process and now have the same moisture content as unaffected areas in the building. Building materials should typically hold between 8-12% moisture.

Regardless of the class or category of water damage, quick response by certified professionals is vital. From the time that the loss started, the clock is ticking. We can be at your home or business within one hour ready to begin our mitigation and removal process based on the most current industry standards.

Our procedures include:

  • Structural drying,
  • Moisture mapping, and
  • Indoor environmental readings to reduce the cost and loss of use for your home or business.


Building the right scope of work can mean saving thousands of dollars in replacement costs, not to mention preventing mold growth. You can count on us to handle your water removal in Emerald Coast in a timely and professional manner.

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