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A fire and smoke restoration project can be very complex due to the natural path of smoke. Smoke will travel much farther than the visibly burnt areas. If your heating and cooling system is running at the time of the fire, the smoke can be distributed throughout the entire home. Smoke can migrate to any area where oxygen is present, such as the interior of cabinets, electronics, and virtually anything that is not airtight.

Smoke can be very greasy, leaving a residue that will continue to emit an odor if it is not restored properly. It is important to know the details surrounding the fire. Different types of fires put off different types of smoke that can alter the scope of the restoration process. Depending on the heat levels and types of materials that were burned, the chemical composition of the smoke may change.

These are the types of smoke most commonly caused by structure fires:

  • Dry smoke – Caused by fast-burning or combustible materials as well as furnace issues. Leaves smoke particles that are small, powdery, dry, and non-smeary.
  • Oily smoke – Caused by furnace back-ups, burned plastics, and grease fires. Leaves a smeary, difficult to remove, and soot-like material.
  • Wet smoke – Caused by water extinguishing the fire through sprinklers or hoses. Leaves a wet, pungent, and musty residue behind that is hard to remove from surfaces.
  • Protein residue – Caused by burning meat, eggs, or other certain organic materials. Leaves an extremely pungent odor, which can penetrate throughout the entire home or business.


Extensive smoke damage forces the restoration process to go beyond simply painting over the walls with a primer. Our certified fire and smoke restoration technicians have the skills and knowledge to be able to return your home or business back to a pre-loss condition. For quick and proficient smoke damage restoration in Navarre, you can count on the trusted professionals at Element Restoration.

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