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Damage Restoration Services in Destin

Rapid Response After Fire, Water & Mold Wreak Havoc

After a disaster that damages your property, your house won’t feel like home until you get things fixed. Fire damage, water damage, and mold growth will all try to drive you out. It is our job at Element Restoration in Destin to help you move back in by fixing things up.

As a damage restoration company comprised of fully trained and certified industry pros, we are equipped to handle any property restoration project in Destin. We are committed to getting your property up and running like nothing happened in less time than you might think possible. Plus, thanks to our 24/7/365 service availability, you can call us whenever you need us. Most of the time, we can be at a client’s property in less than an hour!

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Forget a Fire Ever Happened

When your home is devastated by a house fire, the future can understandably feel pretty grim. Destroyed property and the lingering smell of smoke is harrowing. What’s important to remember is that you can get things back in order and move towards a brighter future again with the help of professionals like us. Our team is standing by to restore your property and make it feel like home once more after a fire.

Some of our fire and smoke restoration services in Destin are:

  • Clean air filtration
  • Deodorization and degreasing
  • Ozone generation
  • Property board-up
  • Salvageable goods analysis
  • Structural drying
Washing Away Water Damage

Did a pipe burst in your home in the middle of the night, waking you up to a flooded downstairs living area? Has a rough storm thrown a surge right through your front door? No matter why water has inundated your property, Element Restoration has the tools, equipment, and training needed to clean things up.

Prioritizing water damage restoration for your Destin property is important. The longer you let water damage stand, the more harm it will do. For example, it is possible that dangerous mold growth can start in affected areas. Or, even the structure’s integrity itself can be weakened due to wood rot.

When you get our water restoration pros on the job, we can help by:

  • Extracting standing and soaked-in water
  • Monitoring property moisture levels
  • Installing specialized drying equipment
  • Removing unsalvageable materials
  • Applying antibacterial chemicals to prevent mold growth
Removing Mold Growth Before It Gets Worse

Sometimes water damage happens so rapidly or so extensively that you cannot stop mold and fungus from growing in your home. In other situations, mold growth begins gradually, perhaps due to a slightly leaking plumbing fixture. As the water soaks into the surrounding wood and drywall, mold begins to form. Weeks or months later, it is out of control.

When you notice the telltale signs of mold growth – usually a musty smell or black spots on the wall – call on Element Restoration in Destin to take care of it. Our highly experienced mold restoration experts are trained to identify the source of mold growth and attack it using a variety of industry-proven methods. By the time we are done, you will be able to breathe easy in your own home again.

Part of our mold restoration process includes:

  • Removing visible mold contamination
  • Dehumidifying rooms as needed
  • Installing HEPA filtered air scrubbers
  • HEPA vacuuming affected surfaces


We even schedule third party post-remediation verification testing when our work is done. By letting a neutral third party test samples from the targeted containment area, we can further verify that the mold growth has not only been eliminated but also prevented from growing again.

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