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If your home has suffered severe water damage as a result of a flood, plumbing accident, or even roof failure, you’ve got a lot to worry about. However, within a couple of days yet another problem will show up: mold.
Element Restoration is certified and state-licensed to perform mold inspections and assessments, create a complete scope of work for mold removal and restoration, as well as perform effective mold remediation along the Emerald Coast.

mold remediation


A home or business damaged by a fire of any size will most likely need extensive work performed in order to repair it. This is not only because fires are often devastating, but also because structures damaged by fires frequently experience water damage as a result of extinguishing the fire and the natural path of smoke will travel much farther than the visibly burnt areas. If your home or place of business has experienced fire, smoke, or water damage, you need experienced and qualified help from restoration professionals.

fire damage cleanup


We use a thorough and proven process to extract water, contain water damage, and restore our customers’ homes as quickly as possible. With extensive experience and training, our team is prepared to respond quickly to all types of water damage, from storm damage to sewage contamination.

water damage cleanup


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When disaster strikes your home or commercial property, Element Restoration is the team for the job. Our restoration technicians  understand how hard the recovery process can be, which is why we are fully prepared to help owners and property management companies get back on track as quickly as possible. Mold, fire, and flood damage can be devastating and we will use our high-quality training and latest technology to get your home or business back to normal.

Stan W

I appreciate the professionalism and timely manner in which you completed the repairs to my home. I know this project was quite involved as removal of damaged materials kept revealing more damage that had to be addressed and repaired. You did a great job in removal of the mold and dry rotted materials. If I have any future needs I will certainly give you a call.

John W + Jennifer A

They were swift to respond, evaluate, and stabilize our flooded home. They worked closely with us on every decision, and worked diligently to restore the living area for our comfort. Their skilled craftsmanship, polite and professional demeanor, and flexibility, left the house a much better place to live in. We are truly grateful and will call on them again.

Matthew P

After a significant water damage incident in my multi-family rental property, I initially hired a big-name chain to do the water cleanup and mitigation, but they did not follow the rules, and it led to more problems and a large bill. I then contacted Element Restoration and he did an excellent job in providing quality work at a competitive price. I highly recommend working with him from the start to avoid unnecessary problems.

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Pensacola, FL

Pensacola, FL

Mold is a stealthy intruder that can silently infiltrate our homes, posing potential risks to both property and health.

Identifying the early signs of microbial growth is crucial for preventing widespread contamination and safeguarding your living spaces. From musty odors to visible discoloration, there are many indicators that can serve as warnings of possible mold presence.

By staying proactive, addressing mold issues promptly, and taking practical steps to maintain a healthy home environment you can protect your home and the well-being of its occupants from this silent threat...

Tips for identifying mold and what to do if you find it

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